The small business finance minefield

Minefield signLet’s be honest - if I asked you what part of owning your own business you loved the most, “managing the finances” probably wouldn’t even make it on to the list. That’s okay. But navigating business finance is like walking through a minefield, and all it takes is one misstep to take your company’s legs out from under you.

My name is Paula Geisinger. As a financial consultant, I see examples every day of ways that businesses could be doing far more to keep more cash than just keeping the books. And you can get an find some of these examples at no cost by following my blog.

You’ll be learning everything you need to know to make better financial choices for your small business. For example, you’ll find out:

  • Why having your uncle handle your books is a fast track to bad blood
  • How mishandling those little, everyday financial items like three-part checks can cause big problems - and how to avoid them
  • What questions you should be asking so that your CPA doesn’t miss potential savings by only worrying about taxes
  • Why that messy-cardboard-box financial strategy could be costing you, and how to overcome it
  • How to decipher CPA-speak to better understand your finances
  • When it’s okay to handle your own books, and when it’s time to get help

And in the spirit of saving cash, you’ll be getting all of these insights without spending a cent. I want nothing more than for your company to thrive, and I’m looking forward to giving you the tools to make that happen.

Whether you already have a financial advisor or you’re the one who dreads even having to look at that cardboard box stuffed with receipts, you’ll find information here that will help you focus on the parts of running your business that you truly love.

Let’s start avoiding those buried financial mines. I’ll show you where to step.

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