Preparing your bookkeeping before a vacation

 Need a break from the office? Before taking a vacation, it’s important for both business owners and bookkeepers to prepare in advance and leave the office (and the books) in good shape.

You’ve been working hard, and you’re ready for that much-needed vacation on the beach that you booked months ago. But there’s a lot to do before you leave, including making sure your books are up to date and key functions in the office are covered while you’re away. 

Sometimes if you’re rushing through things before you leave, mistakes will happen. Though they can happen if you’re rushing through things independent of taking a vacation, too. The important thing to remember is that, in bookkeeping, there’s really no mistake that you can’t fix. 

If you have a clearly defined process for keeping your books, it should be pretty easy to prepare them before heading out on vacation. If you’ve been hobbling along without a clear process, it might take a little more time and effort, and your chance of making a mistake might increase a bit. It’s a good idea to look back over your work and retrace your steps to minimize the chance of making a mistake. 

If you do find a mistake, you can complete the transactions to adjust the books just like correcting income to a loan payment, for example. Identify the cause of the mistake and adjust your process to prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future. If you’re working with a bookkeeper, they can help ensure regular reviews of your books and a set process for revising any mistakes that may occur. 

Whether you’re the business owner functioning as a bookkeeper or you’re paying a bookkeeper, there has to be a process regardless. You could be on top of your game and still make a mistake. We are human. And that’s why you need a vacation! Just know that if you plan a vacation, you will have to do some extra work on the front end to keep your books current. You’ll have to do extra work after vacation to catch up as well. That’s true not only for your bookkeeping, but also for the rest of your business, of course.

If you are a business owner, it can be hard to walk away and take a vacation. But it’s important, and you should enjoy your time off! We all need vacations to recharge, and with some advance planning and a clear process for bookkeeping, you can ensure your business and your books are fine without you for a little while. 

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